Survey Says: Making a Family Feud Game Board


I was in need of a Family Feud-style game board for an office activity and decided to make it. If you know your questions and answers well in advance, it’s pretty easy.

Here’s the finished product:


  • NOTE: You’ll need to know how many answers your question has!
  • 1 piece of paper-covered foam board per 5 answers
  • 2-3 pieces of poster board per 5 answers
  • Printer (I used one that could print 11×17)
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Sticky-back Velcro (I used strips cut into 1″ square pieces)

What I Did

1. I downloaded the Family Feud logo and printed it on 11×17 paper — download the print out here — and used spray adhesive to glue it to the top of the foam board.

2. I printed the answers off (also on 11×17) and glued them to the foam board, spaced out equally. I got 5 answers on each board.

3. I designed the answer “covers” in the old Family Feud style — download the cover designs here — and printed them on 11×17, cut them out, glued them to poster board and cut them out big enough to cover the answers without overlapping.

4. I attached the Velcro pieces to each end of the “covers” and the corresponding answers, so when you ‘reveal’ them, you just gotta pull the “cover” off.

Basically, just lay everything out before you glue it and you’ll be fine.

Survey says… have fun!

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  1. I really like this idea. I want to make it, It says in step 3 that you can download the cover designs here. I can’t find where to download it. Do you have a website for it? Thanks!

    • Yes. Since it is a ‘survey’ question, the number of people who responded with that answer is the number of points awarded. I don’t think I put the score on the actual answer, I just had them on my notecards and kept score on a white board.

  2. Bobbie, ,love your creativity! We are going to be playing Family Feud with my dad’s side of the family for Christmas this year. How many questions did you do? Did you have a board for each question? I’m trying to figure out a way I could use the 5 boards I bought to play two different rounds. Any suggestions? Also, where did you get your questions & answers? I’m hoping to be able to just find them via Google 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, I think I just Googled the questions. And I did 2 questions total — one board for each question. Mostly for the sake of time, though. You could do front and back of the boards to do 2 questions per round. I hope you have a great time playing with your family! Merry Christmas!

      • You can make one board with clear pockets to put each answer into. With Velcro covers. That way you can slip in new answers at each round.

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    • Hi Isaiah! You can get a roll of Velcro at any craft store or Walmart and cut into the desired lengths! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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